We have a lot of artifacts to showcase, but what we are doing right now is to preserve them, because we know that one day Ugboko will become a tourism heaven. Currently Ghana, Mali and Senegal are enjoying that. All we need in Nigeria is to put things in place, take care of issues of security, transportation, good medical system and the Government has to play a great part in this. The Government must promote and encourage tourism. We do have many opportunities as a country.

However, it must be an integrated programme by the government whereby tourist attraction is integrated. Tourism is good earner of income; it’s the biggest fiscal earner for Britain, US, France, it’s more than oil or the sale of arms. Its tourism when you go to such places like London, they have hotels, shops, on every street for tourists. When people come to Ugboko for instance the likelihood is that they would want to buy things made locally, this would encourage the local people to go into productions and it would also create jobs and income. This is what Nigeria, must do not just for Idumuje Ugboko; we cannot achieve this in isolation.

“Of course people can always stay in Asaba which is a 20minutes drive to Ugboko and has good peaceful hotels and safe environment. As time goes on some hotels would be built in Ugboko.”

The Mount Ned Nwoko …A place of delight and pleasure
The concept of this building is to try and recreate our traditional architecture. A unique and challenging mix of African, Western and Eastern architectural styles in one “master piece” mansion.

There are about 36 tastefully furnished rooms with state of the art decorations, artifacts, artworks, and pictures of African Western and Eastern origin; but with a typical African palace setting.

I have tried to do something unique that will add to the historical importance of this village, something that will be a source of attraction, delight and pleasure within the interior and exterior of the villa.

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