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Mount Ned Nwoko Resort

The Mount of Ned Nwoko is proud to be one of only 21 tourism sites approved by the Delta state government. The land in which the property is based was acquired in 1999 and the building works began this same year, thus taking 12 years to complete. Upon visiting the vast estate the reason becomes clear. to entitle this site a paradise made in heaven would be quite apt. this village within a village, or the mount as it is known, is divided up into 3 sections: the museum-like a mansion, the fruitful farm, the peaceful parks and the animal kingdom consisting of zoo, fishponds and poultry. All of which were the making of the mount of delta’s flare and passion for architecture and agriculture.

On entering the estate from the drive the substantial modern and elegant two-story edifice is visible along with the picturesque and stylish feature fountain. Be mesmerized and relaxed by the site and sounds of this tiered flowing water feature which forms a focal point at the front of the mansion. at night it becomes a sight to behold when it is illuminated and the beauty is magnified. The mansion itself, which is a joy to the eye both inside and outside, is the result of several ideas combined to make a masterpiece that exceeds the standards of many western castles. Culture from countries such as Nigeria, Morocco, Syria, Ghana, Israel, and more have been infused into them. The dome, for example, is purely hand-carved by Moroccans- a process that took over 3 years to complete by itself! Amongst this is a British designed room that would leave anyone coming abroad from this destination feels right at home. in the midst of all this, Prince Ned Nwoko kept his roots at hearts having a fair portion of the mansion being made from local red sand. Overall the building has 17 rooms. These include 5 receptions, 1 dining room, and 12 en-suite bedrooms.

Adjoined to the villa is a whole array of entertainment that one could not possibly all utilize in a day. For casual/sporting activities, the mount is equipped with a dartboard, a pool table, a lawn tennis court, and a ping-pong table. Once you are done sweating it out, why not cool off in the Olympic depth pool or better yet, climb the eye-catching tower to the highest point in delta state. With four-story; standing at 100 ft, this means the highest point in the whole of the state is right towering at 1100ft above sea level. Due to the height of this medieval tower, this makes it also the naturally coolest point in the state usually about 1-6 degrees cooler depending on the crosswinds. This is also an ideal viewing platform in which to enjoy the landscape and uninterrupted long-distance views up to 48 miles away. One could even describe this point in a biblical analogy as Noah’s mountain top as it is the last flood in the case of one. Facing to the north, one can see the masts from Ubiaja and Ewohimi. To the east, masts from Oniocha-Olona and Issele-uku are viewable. Last but not the least, from the west far in the distance are masts from Ubulu-uku, Igbodo and Umunede.

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