An Egyptian pyramid like structure on the surface but a fair ground amusement passage constructed underground, a passage that leads to rooms for fun, tourists are thrilled to good music, stocked bar and relaxation rooms. The tunnel is about 14ft deep and quite spacious. Time out in the tunnel is truly a life time experience.

The tower is the highest point in Delta state, it is a 100FT structure built on a 1000FT location, which makes it a 1100FT high. At a glance you might think it’s a kind of security post but it’s not. It is actually residential, consisting of five floors of studio flats deliberately finished as part of the castle structure for tourists who can see as far as Ubiaja and Ewohimi in Edo state, Iseluku, and Umunede. From the tower you can see as far as 35 miles because this is the highest building in Delta state. The last floor is a unique sit out, with a well stocked bar and music.



The zoo is managed by a professional zoologist and veterinary doctors. The center houses assorted monkeys, guinea pigs, antelopes, Billy goat, tortoises, baboon, cheetah, crocodiles, snakes, porcupines, emus and exotic birds such as cranes, flamingos, ostriches, peacocks, eagles, hawks, geese, pigeons and foreign ducks.


This is a spectacular water fountain, uniquely different from any fountain in the world. Engineering speaking, it took a long time to construct due to the challenging design and form. This unique ornamental feature adorns a strategic location in the mansion; consist of a jet of water that is forced up in various directions into the air forming a harmonious sequence. You can see the different water nozzles, pipes and colorful lights that give a unique water splash better experienced at night. 


An organized large collection of tropical fruit trees spread in a vast golf course welcomes you to the estate. The orchard is made up of assorted mangoes, oranges, banana, tangerine, coconut trees, guava trees, grape trees, cashew trees, kola nut trees, Avocado trees, lime trees, lemon trees, pawpaw trees and numerous native African plants such as Ogbono tree, Ichiku tree, Arigba tree etc.