One very prominent feature at the villa, that will catch the attention of the visitor are the rich, beautiful and high quality artifacts, artworks and accessories that adorns different areas of the house. On the floor you will unmistakably notice very rich Arabia, tiles and rugs with beautify sculptures of African pots of various sizes. Placed in very strategic locations in the sitting rooms, walkways, staircases and rooms. More so, gold plated 16 century tunic boxes, standing gold coated standing globe of western origin and gold plated side tables, tea tray and cups, native guitars all of eastern origin royally placed around the floors. While the wall is gloriously adorned with artworks and artifacts of western, eastern and African origin, assorted paintings, ancient pistols, dagger, swords and other unique aesthetics of arts.


Exotic- exclusive- classy and royal are the words to describe the interior decorations in the villa. Indicatively displayed in the bedrooms- sitting rooms, dining rooms, etc.